Property Investment Research

Property investment research shows that of those who live to retirement, 93% will be dependent on friends, relatives, a job or living on charity. So how can property investment help the average Australian, paying off a mortgage, to a comfortable retirement by contributing to their Superannuation?
Property Investment Research

Why Be Wealthy?

People often say “We don’t want to be rich, just comfortable”. In western countries everyone REALLY has the choice to be rich or comfortable or broke. You really can choose. It’s easier to be fulfilled if you are well off. If you get to be rich and don’t like the feel of it, you can always give it all away. If you are broke, you don’t have the same option. Everyone has a choice to live the way they deserve. There is no dignity in “just getting by” anymore. Being rich allows you to live without ongoing compromise on how you live, what you give to your children, parents, spouse and friends.Being rich gives you time. Your time becomes yours, not someone elses. You get the time to find your real calling whatever it might be.Your life is running now, this is not the rehearsal.We want you to live your life now because life does not begin at retirement.

It could be as simple as paying off your mortgage early, or maybe you have grand plans of owning a luxury home a few years down the track. Or perhaps you’d like to have enough money to start a family and be able to afford to have your partner stay at home to look after the kids. Or maybe you would like to buy a business, or a luxury yacht.

And if you are in your 40’s or 50’s, there’s a good chance that you have started to plan what you would like to do in your retirement, along with how much money you would like to live on. Well, in the past, Superannuation has been hailed as a sound way of offering you a comfortable retirement living, but we now know for absolute certain that most Australians will find themselves living on not much more than the old age pension.

Terrifying thought, isn’t it ?

So what can you do?

To make sure you have enough money to live on comfortably in retirement, you could increase your Super contributions, but depending on how old you are now, you could soon find that you would need to put away a large sum each week, to retire on an income that equals your current salary. And of course, that is just impossible.

Enough money for a 40 ft luxury cruiser, a business or to increase your retirement income … how do you get it?

The good news is, actually earning enough money to afford these things is much easier than you think.

The best time to start is when you can. There is never a perfect time to start but you must start sometime.

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