Selection of properties

Australian Residential property investment consultants work for the buyer not the seller, this is a key factor in our company objective, it has enabled us to assist many hundreds of investors to successfully buy property and build real estate portfolios in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide. 

The key word is start, it is vitally important to start on the right track with the correct investment advice, to get off to a ‘flying start’ with your first investment property so as to build your portfolio comfortably as you work towards retirement. To achieve this you must set up the investment correctly…

ARPP selection process

Our data base of Australian Property including quality builders and developers is the result of extensive research and over 25 years experience in property investment. We are very selective and find the right property to suit the individual investor. Property selection and referral is included in our free services.

ARPP Property Process

  1. Highest growth area
  2. Preference for brick and tile
  3. Excellent transport facilities and close to schools
  4. Spacious in area, inside and out
  5. Approved by Banks and Insurance Companies
  6. Low maintenance building and grounds
  7. High capital growth potential
  8. In high demand by letting agents
  9. High standard of project security and maintenance
  10. Pleasing landscape setting
  11. Close proximity to shopping centres
  12. Highest building standards

ARPP approved properties

Quality of Finish

Under the Australian Residential 20 Point Property Criteria every building development must undergo the closest scrutiny. In order to pass the test, each project must qualify 100% including Low maintenance building and grounds.
High capital growth potential with highest building standards.

Appealing to both renters & owner occupiers

Investment properties should appeal to both renters and owner occupiers. The long term success of a property investment will depend on it’s appeal to home buyers of the future as new property deductions diminish.

High Quality

Property must be new to qualify for full depreciation allowance. Highest growth area. Preference for brick and tile. Excellent transport facilities and close to schools. Spacious in area, inside and out. Approved by Banks and Insurance Companies.


Location is key to real estate appreciation. We always consider the accessibility, appearance, and amenities of a neighborhood as well as plans for future development. Proximity to public transport, shopping centres, restaurants including distance from CBD. We find out if there are any changes coming to the area, employment rates and new housing starts.  Before you buy, you need to know everything about the location you are buying in.

Excellent Builder Developer Reputation

Qualities we look for in builders and developers include, Quality Durable Construction That’s Built to Last, Excellent Communication Skills and Follow up, Experience in the Home Owners Construction Industry, A Positive Reputation and History of Satisfied Customers.

Property  Investment Research

Investment in property has been made easier by ARPP offering access and referral to a range of services from a panel of affiliated independant organisations, who specialise in property investment. These include professional consultants and qualified specialists in financial advice, accountant services, property insurance for investors, licensed real estates, conveyancing and rental management.

Why ARPP rejects a property?

Finding the properties which we believe will best serve our clients is an exhaustive process which involves constantly scouring and searching the market. Real Estates that Australian Residential refer to are investment property specialists, they reject far more properties than we are prepared to recommend to our clients. They must meet our stringent criteria. Just as important is the after sales follow up. Right through to the property settlement, tenancy and beyond.


Transparency in Costs, Builders and Developers Who Stand Behind Their Work.We want a builder/developer who will work with you through the design process to find more efficient design and build solutions that effect cost and/or time savings, without compromising the quality, and then passes these savings onto you.

The rentability test

It’s important as a landlord to remember that your target audience is renters. While an investor might be interested in certain features, your aim is to appeal to tenants, who typically want somewhere that is comfortable, low-maintenance and good value for money.

Track record

Does the builder or developer have a proven track record? Many properties can look quite okay on first inspection but it is only with an in depth analysis of the building and construction that a complete picture is available. A proven track record of excellence in construction is vital in selecting the correct property to purchase.

Property Locations

Australian Residential Property Planners assisting investors for over 20 years, providing expert real estate investing advice with early access to high quality centrally located apartment developments including house and land packages, townhouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Perth…

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