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The Gold Coast property market for most of 2020 will continue on an upward trend despite the effects of Covid 19. The city is heading towards a big year as its population is growing at a reasonable rate and billions of dollars have gone into infrastructure spend over the last seven years. The city is reaping the rewards from it now. Developers’ confidence in the city’s real estate market for new dwellings has a positive outlook, which will encourage developers to construct more new dwellings that will provide more jobs. Historic-low interest rates are also offering great opportunities for first-home buyers and investors to invest in the Gold Coast real estate market.

Beachfront houses will continue to see price rises, this will allow the less expensive properties to also move forward in price to fill that gap. Interest rates should remain low and gradually become more readily available from the banks, which will see buyers upgrading to better quality positions, either on nicer water or closer to the beach. The entry-level market will remain strong as more parents push their children to buy property and job growth continues to increase due to many infrastructure projects and the benefits and opportunities that flow in from that.

The majority of these approvals is in high-rises and while it is good news for developers we have to be careful we get the balance right otherwise there could be an oversupply.

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Southeast Queensland has been good for interstate investors, given the comparative affordability of properties in that area, the significant population growth and the available opportunities in the job market. While the Gold Coast continues to perform, however, it may also be in danger of an oversupply of high rise apartments.

Whilst the Gold Coast may be about to come into a heavy oversupply of apartments with approval and construction underway there’s a limited supply of new residential land available on the Gold Coast as well, so investors may want to consider house and land packages for investment as well.

Gold Coast Property Investment Overview 2020

South East Queensland and the Gold Coast in particular could well be the prime beneficiary of Sydney and Melbourne’s property market higher priced entry levels, with the economy in general starting to turn a corner and Queensland re-claiming its place as Australia’s top rating destination for internal migration, as more families and downsizers from the southern cities cash-in for a lifestyle in the sun.

Economic growth and jobs are closely tied to every property market’s performance and for Queensland, confidence has returned to the Gold Coast property market since the federal election with the fear of negative gearing being abolished removed. Affordability combined with record-low interest rates make it an ideal time to invest into property. We are starting to see a strong surge from buyers relocating to the Gold Coast from Sydney and Melbourne whereby they can sell up at a higher price and purchase possibly a better property and have money left over.

Continued tourism growth, surging gas exports and the strongest annual growth in jobs in more than a decade for Queensland combining for strong potential for the Gold Coast property market.

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