Specialising in Brisbane & Gold Coast Property Investment

Australian Residential Property Planners (ARPP) is a boutique property investment company helping our clients buy high quality, low stress, new property, in the best locations across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

We are a small team of experienced property investors with a hands on approach. Providing a personal approach in our dealings with all our client investors, this includes property selection, finance, rental management, and ongoing support.

ARPP provide qualified specialists in property, accounting & taxation, debt reduction and finance to maximise your financial potential. Australian Residential Property Planners has helped thousands of our investors build property portfolios, minimise tax, grow wealth and secure a stronger financial position in life.

With the right people on your side, financial security and getting ahead in life is an achievable goal. That’s what we do!

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Property Investment and a Secure Future

Accumulating property and building a portfolio is the primary goal of most investors, but overnight success can take years. It is important to plan for the future and not get so caught up in the process that you could end up failing to act.
It’s extremely important to get moving and do something as the cost of doing nothing can be very expensive.

Whatever your age or stage of life, property has both the flexibility and the wealth-building power to deliver an earlier, more secure, or more prosperous retirement.

Bricks and mortar give you security and peace of mind. Financial independence gives you choices, and above all a feeling of achievement and security.

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Australian Residential Property Investment Process

Our team of property researchers liaise and negotiate with developers and builders to ensure that Australian Residential Property Planners secures thoroughly researched investment opportunities. After years of experience in the property market, we are able to source potential development sites in central locations, providing investors with prime opportunities.

The guide lines we observe when selecting properties to recommend include:

  • The property must be in an area of existing or potential high mid-to-long term capital growth
  • The property must be in an area of high population growth and high employment
  • The property must be close to schools, shops and transport etc
  • It should be new or renovated to allow maximum depreciation and therefore the biggest taxation savings
  • It must be high quality in terms of design, materials and construction, and require minimal maintenance,
  • Property location must be in an area which has a sound long term rental history.

The first step in a property investing meeting is to find out your objectives and goals. The second is to then confirm your capacity to comfortably set up the initial investment and then to add to it progressively over time so as to enable a comfortable retirement.

Now you can select the appropriate property investment strategy. Each investor is different so a personalised approach gives you the best chance for success, to find out more contact us for an obligation free inhome consultation with one of our property investment strategists.

Our advisors are active successful property investors with expert knowledge and experience in ‘off the plan’ apartment selection, house & land packages, new townhouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra and Perth property markets.

The approach we take is to work only with Licensed Real Estates who specialise in rental property for investors. Investing in rental property is very different from buying a home to live in. There are many factors to consider, that is why it is so important to deal with a real estate agency experienced in rental property investing.

Finding the properties which we believe will best serve our clients is an exhaustive process which involves constantly scouring and searching the market rejecting far more properties than we are prepared to recommend to our clients. They must meet our stringent criteria. Just as important is the after sales follow up. Right through to the property settlement, tenancy and beyond.

Investing Strategy

Your deposit

You can put together a deposit in two ways – by raising the deposit, or using the equity you have in a property you already own. Equity is the difference between your property’s value and the amount still owing on your home loan.


A property that’s positively geared means the income (or rent) you receive from the investment  is greater than all the costs of owning it – including interest, rates, insurances, body corporate fees and maintenance. With negatively geared properties, the expenses outweigh the income. One of the benefits of negative gearing is that tax losses made on your investment property can be used to offset against your other taxable income, which could possibly reduce your tax bill.

Stick to the plan

Throughout the whole property buying process, this is really important. Treat it like a business purchase – the finances need to work for the investment to pay off. You’re looking for a property that will appeal to your ideal tenants and help to meet your goals – it doesn’t have to be a place you’d call home.

Think Location

Don’t focus on areas you’d like to live. Think further afield – the city, the suburbs. Find a location that fits with your plan – particularly where you want to be on the long term capital gain versus income producing scale.

Property Information


Australian Residential investment property services are cost and obligation FREE to investors.

Property investment should deliver greater returns in the future, not only in the form of capital growth but also increasing rental returns. Property location is key. In order to maximize investment potential, Australian Residential gives property investors access to property investment advice and guidance in all the fields involved with investing in capital city property markets, including finance, new real estate investment specialists, rental management, insurance, quantity surveyors (depreciation) and accountants who specialize in investment properties.

Our goal is to liaise and assist in a smooth transition from property selection and purchase, finance and construction, right through to tenant selection and beyond with ongoing support and advice.