Australian Residential Property Planners Finding the perfect property investment for you Australia-wide

Australian Residential Property Planners Finding the perfect property investment for you Australia-wide

Australian Residential Property Planners Finding the perfect property investment for you Australia-wide

Australian Residential Property Planners Finding the perfect property investment for you Australia-wide

Australian Residential Property Planners Finding the perfect property investment for you Australia-wide

Property Invest Australia-Wide

Australian Residential Property Planners provides specialist property investment advisers who assist investors to buy quality new property in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Gold Coast. Australian Residential as a property investing advisory service evolved and grew out of a need for everyday investors to have access to expert property investment advice and guidance.

Australian Residential property investment, Melbourne Evening View

Australian Residential Property Investment Process

The first step in a property investing meeting is to find out your objectives and goals. The second is to then confirm your capacity to comfortably set up the initial investment and then to add to it progressively over time so as to enable a comfortable retirement. Now you can select the appropriate property investment strategy. Each investor is different so a personalised approach gives you the best chance for success, to find out more contact us for an obligation free inhome consultation with one of our property investment strategists. Australian Residential advisors are active successful property investors with expert knowledge and experience in ‘off the plan’ apartment selection, house & land packages, new townhouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra and Perth property markets.

Australian Residential investment property services are cost and obligation FREE to investors.

Property investment should deliver greater returns in the future, not only in the form of capital growth but also increasing rental returns. Property location is key. In order to maximize investment potential, Australian Residential gives property investors access to property investment advice and guidance in all the fields involved with investing in capital city property markets, including finance, new real estate investment specialists, rental management, insurance, quantity surveyors (depreciation) and accountants who specialize in investment properties.

Our goal is to liaise and assist in a smooth transition from property selection and purchase, finance and construction, right through to tenant selection and beyond with ongoing support and advice.

Property Selection


Sydney’s property market is expected to keep getting stronger in 2021, despite the battering of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the city’s north is one of the hotspots, with people looking toward a seachange while working from home. The citywide property market is tipped to see prices jump between five and seven per cent in the coming year.


First quarter 2021 Houses and apartments in Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs are listed for fewer days and are not being discounted by as much as they were a year ago, new data shows. After months of being locked down because of the coronavirus pandemic, the property market is now showing the early signs of recovery, though prices remain flat across the city. For buyers, flatter prices and fewer discounts mean they do not have to rush to the market to buy, and have more time to look for the preferred property.


First quarter 2021 Brisbane’s residential market has recorded improved demand, with transactions higher than pre-pandemic figures, according to the latest Queensland Market Monitor published by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland.According to data from CoreLogic, housing values in Brisbane shrugged off coronavirus concerns to outperform both Sydney and Melbourne.

Gold Coast

Real Estate Institute Queensland expects Gold Coast property prices to “increase dramatically” in 2021, while a A surge in first home buyers is set to fuel house price hikes, with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) tipping property values will “increase dramatically” in 2021.


Perth property market remains very favourable for buyers and investors, however with REIWA expecting Perth’s median price to grow between six and 10 per cent in the 2021 calendar year, investors who are thinking about purchasing their first home, trading up or investing, should act soon before prices inevitably rise.

Negative Gearing

Negative gearing occurs when annual interest payable on loan used to acquire the investment plus allowable expenses incurred exceeds annual income. In other words an investment is negatively geared if the interest payable on the loan to purchase exceeds the income (rent, dividends or interest) received from the investment (after expenses) resulting in a negative cash flow.

Property Investment and a Secure Future

Accumulating property and building a portfolio is the primary goal of most investors, but overnight success can take years. It is important to plan for the future and not get so caught up in the process that you could end up failing to act.

It’s extremely important to get moving and do something as the cost of doing nothing can be very expensive.

Whatever your age or stage of life, property has both the flexibility and the wealth-building power to deliver an earlier, more secure, or more prosperous retirement.

Bricks and mortar give you security and peace of mind. Financial independence gives you choices, and above all a feeling of achievement and security.

What Our Investors Say About Us

Kyle and Olivia (Brisbane, Qld)

We have already recommended Australian Residential to our friends. They were a pleasure to work with: easy going, informative, and extremely communicative! Brett made our first investment unit purchase in Sydney a wonderfully enjoyable experience. Thanks, Brett!

Gemma and Oscar (Sydney, NSW)

I can’t speak highly enough of Linda and Australian Residential! She was absolutely wonderful! My husband and I were first time investment property buyers and had no idea what we were doing or where to even begin, but Linda was always so kind and patient and made the process as smooth as possible. She explained everything to us in a way that we could understand and was always there for my late night texts and early morning emails and endless questions. She worked just as hard as we did to find us the perfect investment in Brisbane, She even went above and beyond after we bought our house and got us a gift and a handwritten card! I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to work with someone as great as her!

Stefan and Louise (Adelaide, SA)

At first we were nervous of the property investment market and very unsure what we should be doing, but once it had been explained how easy it was to invest some of the equity in our home, there was no turning back! The only regret is that we didn’t do this years ago. We would like to thank the team at Australian Residential for all they have done for us.

Charlotte and Adrian (Melbourne, Victoria)

A family member recommended Australian Residential to me and I am so glad they did. They were extremely helpful in guiding us through the process of buying our first rental property in Essendon. Nikki made sure that everything was taken care of promptly and correctly. I always felt like our concerns were Nikki’s first priority. I highly recommend Nikki and Australian Residential to friends, family and strangers!

Yousef and Amira (Perth, WA)

Hi Peter, just want to say thank you for the work you put in in helping me with my purchase. You took the hard work out of finding a new apartment in such a great location of Melbourne so close to the CBD. I am especially grateful for your patience in helping me navigate a new market and a new system. You were professional throughout and I valued the hard work you put in on my behalf – I’m confident in my decision and happy with the way everything worked out.

Yours Faithfully

Frequently Asked Questions

Interest rates have been falling but what if they rise?
When taking out a loan from a Bank you have the option of staying on at a lower variable rate of interest or paying a slightly higher interest rate and having it fixed for up to five years. Some investors like the security of a fixed rate but this can cause issues if you wish to sell, seek the advice of a qualified finance professional when organising finance.

Do I need a large deposit to purchase an investment property?
As you know, when you bought your first home, you had to come up with a cash deposit of up to 20% of the purchase price, and also be able to afford the monthly mortgage repayments of many hundreds of dollars. If this was the same for buying an investment property, nobody would ever be able to afford it. Thankfully, in most cases, its not!

If you have owned your own home for a few years, you will have built up quite a bit of equity in your property. You will have paid off some of the loan, and there’s a good chance that your property has increased in value too.

Instead of finding a cash deposit, the Bank/Lender (subject to approvals) will allow you to use the equity built up in your home as security on your investment property

What if we can’t find a tenant for our investment property?

Vacancy has two main causes-firstly, the amount of rent being asked, and secondly, the location of the property. If you can’t find a tenant at the advertised rent then lower the rent until a suitable tenant is found. A good property manager understands this and will direct you accordingly. Your rental should be in a good location where there is a demand for rental properties; e.g. close to transport, shops, schools and employment.

The 70% home ownership ratio is the main reason for the security, reliability, and predictability of residential property as an investment. Owner occupiers, people who own their own homes, do not panic and rush to sell as investors do in some other sectors such as industrial and commercial real estate, or as company shareholders do when times get tough. The residential property market is not dominated by investors. This provides a built-in safety net for the residential property market. Residential property is the only investment market not dominated by investors. It forms a barrier against substantial down-side in the market place.

That is a unique feature of residential property as opposed to all other investment vehicles. Everybody must be housed, whether they rent, or are owner occupiers. No matter who the occupier is, the capital growth is still generated for the owner. The safety of residential property is underpinned by owner occupiers who do not sell if a market lacks strength. They need more compelling reasons, are better placed to hold through softer markets and continue to need a roof over their heads.

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